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Wanting to construct a beautiful, sturdy and environmentally friendly pathway? Need an affordable answer to your drainage issues? We may just have the solution you’re looking for.

Learn how Howell Pathways can give you a beautiful, safe, and effective solution to water runoff problems. Turn to us for a simple solution that produces solid results. Our pathway stabilizers are crafted as a precision polyurethane sealant to make your paths and landscape materials both ADA compliant and coated to protect against water issues.

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Driveways require 5" of aggregate on a compact surface.  We recommend #54 stone (not sold online yet)  or similar product with 4" base.  Add 1" of our pea gravel/aggregate and pour Klingstone Path Material evenly at 1 gallon per 10 square feet.  Use stones, pavers, wood or metal as permanent edging or use our HP Non Stick Form.

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Paths require 3" of aggregate on a compact surface to get a durable and beautiful surface.  Use a roller, tamp or 2 x 6" to level and make your surface smooth.  Pour Klingstone Path Material evenly at a rate of 1 gallon per 12 square feet.  Use stones, pavers, wood or metal as permanent edging or use our HP Non Stick Form.

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Install a patio the same as a path.  Change your wet, unsightly area into a usuable area for your BBQ, firepit or  seating area to relax with your friends and family. Wet and unusable areas can be converted into a space that you can enjoy.  Add your grill, smoker or table and you and your friends will find joy in this beautiful space.

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Offering Bender Board and Klingstone Products

Made from 100% recycled plastics, Bender Board is the ideal landscape edging and non-stick form board used by pros everywhere. It’s ideal for use in gardens, paths, firepits, tree wells, and more!

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