Installation Process

 Lay Your Path

First lay the material you want to use for your surface. We recommend gravel, stone, or a combination of the two. Make sure your materials are clean, dry, and leveled out.

 Pour Our Formula

Once the stone is in place, simply pour the correct Klingstone Paths product onto the rocks and let it set. Small projects can use a simple watering can or, for larger projects, use our pump and compressor.

 That's It!

You can now enjoy a beautiful, sturdy surface that looks like rock but feels like concrete. Our product is wheelchair approved, and is uniquely permeable allowing water to wash into the ground.

Versatile Applications

  • Driveways — Complete your outdoor design with an aggregate driveway complete with our gravel stabilizer. Bind your materials to create a durable, protected surface.
  • Pathways — Klingstone Paths is both water permeable and ADA compliant, allowing access while keeping your landscaping and natural elements safe. Water runoff and heavy foot traffic can both impact the beauty and durability of your pathway. Klingstone Paths provides simple, long-lasting protection.
  • Patios — Whether you have an open space to enjoy evenings with the family or you have an outdoor space for dining at your business, our pathway binder can be applied to protect your patio. 
  • Landscaping — Water permeability also allows for applications such as tree wells and flower beds, preserving the beauty of your landscaping.
  • Common areas — From universities to hospitals, common areas are everywhere and often experience a lot of foot traffic. Combine granite, pavers, concrete, and our pathway stabilizer to create a safe and long-lasting solution.
  • Parks & recreation — Howell Pathways has experience in a variety of open spaces, including playgrounds, natural trails, and parking lots. After years of heavy use, our gravel binder is still intact and providing lasting beauty and protection.
  • Greenhouse & kennel flooring — Our pathway stabilizer is eco-friendly and pet-safe, giving you peace of mind for your canines. Klingstone Paths is also textured, providing anti-slip features for added safety in greenhouses.

Enhance Your Installation With Bender Boards!

Did you know that our landscape edging is beautiful, durable, and composed of 100% recycled materials? Bender Boards are here to finish your project with quality, providing UV-stable protection and flexible, durable materials for landscape edging that gets the job done. Invest in our stakes to create your own contours!

Shop our Bender Boards today to complete your project!

Have Questions?

Howell Pathways is here to help you generate lasting beauty and protection for your garden pathway, patio, driveway, and more. Contact us online if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you!