About Us

About Us


Howell Pathways is a company that focuses on American made products that focus on high quality, beauty, performance, durability and make our environment better.  Klingstone Paths conserves water while Bender Board prevents plastics from going to our landfill.  Both of these products make our world more healthy and aesthetically beautiful.


Klingstone Paths Partnership

With more than 30 years of experience, our team has created an environmentally friendly solution to runoff and path breakdown issues. It has been the go-to product chosen to preserve historical sites across the nation. Our polyurethane sealant has recently gained popularity among horticulturalists and home and business owners because of its natural and artistic look, ease of use, and durability. In the Spring of 1997, our path stabilizer was chosen as the material tasked to preserve the structural integrity of the paths in Colonial Williamsburg. 

Howell Pathways has teamed up with Klingstone Paths to become an exclusive seller and distributor of this trusted product with the best practice solutions for supplying and completing your projects.

Bender Board Partnership

Howell Pathways was looking for a way to form projects and remove the form.  Klingstone Paths sticks to nearly everything.  We found Bender Board and it worked perfectly on our projects.  After many months of discussions a partnership was created between the two companies.  Howell Pathways is now the exclusive supplier of Bender Board via the internet sales and distributes to commercial and residential customers all over the United States and Mexico.  

We now work together to develop new products and avenues for using our incredible Bender Board.  This product line has so much opportunity and our 1x4, 1x6 lines

Fast Cap Partnership

Our customer Paul Akers, used Bender Board on his 14 acre garden many years ago and loved the product.  He was expanding his gardens by five acres and needed more Bender Board.  After many days of discussions he moved forward on this project and we learned about his fabulous company.  We were testing many screws to add to our online business for the past year and oddly enough, his product became our favorite because of the large head, tapping method and driver provided with the product.