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Our patented, permeable, durable, ADA-compliant, and Green Building Council-certified pathway stabilizers are designed to provide lasting protection in a simple, effective manner. Howell Pathways is proud to offer Klingstone Paths polyurethane binders to help professionals and DIYers achieve lasting protection across a wide range of project applications.


From historical sites to private gardens, pathways can provide balance and depth for any landscape design. Klingstone Paths was originally designed as a pathway stabilizer to bind aggregates together to create a cohesive surface. This gravel binder bonds to the aggregates, curing to form a water permeable layer that resists degradation, water runoff, and more.

Looking for a very eco-friendly way to support your new pathways? Bender Board from Howell Pathways is your trusted landscape edging, consisting of 100% recycled materials designed to provide lasting support, UV stability, and beauty.


You can easily install a new patio in the same manner as your pathway with our gravel binder. Homeowners and commercial professionals can transform boring, saturated areas into high-quality areas suited for barbecuing, relaxing in a hammock, catching up with family members, and so on. Simply add three inches of aggregate to your outdoor space and coat it with Klingstone paths, and you’ll have a surface suited for nearly every occasion!


With the right base and aggregate veneer, you can create a durable and naturally beautiful driveway for your home. Simply add five inches of aggregate to a compact surface, an inch of pea gravel, and our gravel binder (don’t forget your landscape edging!), and you’re ready to enjoy years of quality use! If, for some reason, your gravel driveway and our polyurethane sealant become damaged, repairs are simple, effective, and affordable!

Greenhouse and Kennel Flooring

Do you worry about slip-and-fall dangers around your greenhouse floor? Our textured pathway stabilizer helps to provide peace of mind for wet surfaces. Our water permeable binder allows for proper runoff without impacting the plant life or local ecology.

Did you know that our gravel binder is both eco-friendly and pet-safe? Clients, as well as their happy canines have loved the results of using Klingstone Paths in kennell applications. Our gravel binder can be used in a variety of pet-approved spaces to reduce surface degradation and animal discomfort.

Landscaping Projects

You can bring order to your outdoor design with the help of Klingstone Paths. Our pathways stabilizer can help to provide lasting results in tree wells, flower beds, and more. Klingstone Paths is as easy to apply as watering your garden — simply use our applicator wand or a watering can and apply evenly to your surface and allow 24 hours to cure. You’ll love the results!

Parks and Recreation

From nature trails and parking lots to workout facilities, disc golf applications, and nearly any exterior application you can think of, our gravel stabilizer is ready to get the job done. Howell Pathways has experience in coating open spaces, playgrounds, and other areas where people congregate and travel.

Common Areas

Klingstone Paths is your ideal polyurethane sealer for creating long-lasting protection in common areas frequently found on larger commercial sites, including hospitals, universities, corporate offices, and more. You can combine granite, pavers, and concrete to create a rugged surface, ready to take on foot traffic and heavy rainfall. The result is a safer common area that still looks naturally beautiful.

Our Projects

You can look online and find a variety of pathway stabilizers, yet no competitor matches the quality or longevity of our polyurethane binder! Klingstone Paths is perfect for use in both residential and commercial landscaping projects, delivering rugged protection and long-lasting results across a wide range of unique projects.

Howell Pathways has helped customers across the country achieve a beautifully long-lasting finish for their exterior designs, with all of our results shining after years of heavy use! 

  • Clemson University
  • Miami International Airport
  • James Madison’s Montpelier Home
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Booker T. Washington National Monument
  • Texas A&M - Kyle Field
  • Gayla Mize Garden

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