Bender Board for Synthetic Turf

Create beautiful and durable borders, edging, and hardscape features with top-quality Bender Board kits for artificial turf from Howell Pathways. Designed to simplify the installation process, Bender Board provides a secure surface to attach your synthetic grass and artificial grass putting green products. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a landscaping professional, our comprehensive kits are the perfect choice for achieving professional results.

Turf landscaping with Bender Board

Benefits of Using Bender Board for Artificial Grass

Bender Board for artificial turf offers unparalleled benefits, serving as a reliable landscape edging solution. With its easy installation and ability to provide straight-line perimeters, our kits simplify the process of securing your artificial grass. Preventing tripping hazards and deterring animals from lifting or burrowing under the edges, Bender Board ensures a professional and polished finish.

    How Bender Board Improves Landscape Design

    Discover how Bender Board improves synthetic grass landscape design with these key benefits:

    • Provides a secure and professional-looking edge for artificial turf installations
    • Helps to maintain the shape and structure of landscaped areas
    • Prevents the migration of rocks, mulch, and soil into the artificial turf area
    • Simplifies the installation process by providing a stable surface for attaching the artificial grass
    Turf landscaping
    Synthetic turf

    Installing Bender Board Kits for Artificial Turf

    When it comes to installing artificial turf, Howell Pathways offers convenient and comprehensive Bender Board kits that are specifically designed for this purpose. With our easy-to-follow instructions and all-inclusive kits, you can achieve professional results whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a landscaping professional. Bender Board simplifies the installation process, ensuring that your artificial turf remains securely in place and enhances the overall aesthetic of your landscape.

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    With Bender Board kits from Howell Pathways, you can easily create professional and durable borders, edging, and hardscape features for your synthetic grass. Shop now and transform your outdoor space with our quality Bender Board for artificial turf and landscape edging.

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