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An Effective Gravel Binder for Your Surfaces

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Rely on Klingstone Paths for Long-Lasting Beauty and Protection

Investing in the right polyurethane binder for your gravel pathways, driveways, and other surfaces can yield beautiful results after the simplest of applications. This one-step gravel stabilizer is ideal for protecting pathways from erosion, heavy foot traffic, and more, all while retaining permeability for use in tree wells, dog kennel flooring, and more. Help the environment and help your pathways retain their beauty with Klingstone Paths.


How can you benefit from the use of our gravel binder for your project?

  • Very easy installation process
  • Protect against water damage and erosion
  • Defend from heavy foot traffic
  • Water permeable and ADA compliant
  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Textured surface helps to minimize tripping hazards

Protect Your Pathways and More

Howell Pathways is here to provide you with practical, cost-effective solutions, plain and simple. When it comes to water drainage and runoff issues, Klingstone Paths is your go-to source for a sure layer of protection. Our polyurethane binder is ideal for gravel and similar materials, creating a permeable membrane of protection to keep things safe from heavy rainfall, heavy foot traffic, and years of use. 

Applying Our Gravel Binder is Easy

Simply clean your existing gravel or other aggregate material (or lay your new path) and apply an even coat of our gravel stabilizer. That’s it!

Lay Your Path

First lay the material you want to use for your surface. We recommend gravel, stone, or a combination of the two. Make sure your materials are clean, dry, and leveled out.

Pour Our Formula

Once the stone is in place, simply pour the correct Klingstone Paths product onto the rocks and let it set. Small projects can use a simple watering can or, for larger projects, use our pump and compressor.

That's It!

You can now enjoy a beautiful, sturdy surface that looks like rock but feels like concrete. Our product is wheelchair approved, and is uniquely permeable allowing water to wash into the ground.

  1. Prepare for installation — Be sure to read the MSDS and Safety Data Sheets, and suit up with rubber gloves, safety glasses, and rubber shoes for proper safety.
  2. Fill your application can — You can rely on a can (we recommend using drop cloths or tarps to keep other surfaces free from splashing), our applicator attachment for 5-gallon containers, or our pump and wand for major projects.
  3. Place your stone — Once your pathway is framed, place clean/dry aggregate at least ⅛ of an inch or larger. You can mix up your materials and utilize a top coat of quality materials in addition to our gravel binder for cost-effectively beautiful results.
  4. Prep the surface — Upon inspection of the gravel to ensure it is dry, we recommend tamping the material down to create a more uniform surface. You can use a broom for a textured surface.
  5. Apply your gravel binder — Utilize one of the approved application methods to apply your Klingstone Paths to the prepared surface. You can expect your new surface to cure within 24 hours based on weather conditions.

Once finished, you can expect lasting protection from our pathway binders. Klingstone Paths has been applied to airports, college football stadiums, and historic sites across the country, and our gravel stabilizers are still holding strong after more than 20 years of use. Learn more about our approach to quality before browsing our store to create lasting success for your landscape project!

Don’t Forget Your Landscape Edging!

A key component in supporting your gravel pathway is the edging material. Howell Pathways is your source for eco-friendly landscaping solutions, including Bender Boards. This 100% recycled landscape edging provides years of beauty and protection, complete with UV protection. Learn more about our Bender Boards before browsing our online store. Don’t forget your edging stakes!

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