Bender Board

Bender Board is Your Go-To Landscape Edging!

Bender Board is a plastic edging product for landscaping and concrete forming. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, Bender Board will not decompose or rot. Bender Board excels as a forming board for concrete, for the installation of artificial turf and even as a fence. The best part is, it is strong, resistant to splintering or breakage, will not rot, and is completely insect proof!

You want your landscaping project to last for years, so why not rely on the best-performing lawn edging available? Bender Board is designed to outperform the competition:

  • Made from 100% recycled materialsBender Board is made of 100% recycled polyethylene plastics that are recovered from blue box collection as well as other sources.  The result is a pliable and strong “green” product that is able to contour evenly and consistently.
  • Rugged construction — Bender Boards are double the weight and thickness of most landscape edging products, delivering considerable support and performance across a range of surfaces and applications.
  • Quality UV protection — UV inhibitors help to protect your new landscape edging from sunlight breakdown. For more than 20 years, you can enjoy your Bender Boards and the fact that they’ll look like-new after minimal maintenance.
  • Long-lasting results — Our product is estimated to last 25 years, giving you decades of enjoyment for one cost-effective investment!

Versatile Applications

No matter your project plans, Bender Boards are here to make the job easy. Customers love the convenience and simplicity of our landscape edging, especially when it comes to unique landscaping projects. Howell Pathways offers the right products to help you generate ideal edging for:

  • Pathways
  • Patios
  • Tree wells
  • Garden beds
  • Raised garden paths
  • Dog kennels

Bender Boards that are 1” x 6” are pre-drilled and slotted for self-tapping screws, allowing you to utilize this dynamic edging material for fencing applications. Rely on the durability and privacy of Bender Boards to create a long-lasting fence system!

Create Your Custom Contours 

Are you planning on a pathway and garden relying on straight edges, or do you want to install a number of dynamic curves? Our rugged landscape edging relies on 12” stakes or 18" stakes to provide support where it is needed most, allowing you to create your own contours and generate some visual intrigue within your garden space. From homeowners in need of a simple edging solution to contractors looking for a new product to bolster their services, Bender Boards is here to provide the edge for your landscape project.

2 Sizes and Colors to Choose From

Howell Pathways offers landscape edging in both brown and black (including the stakes) to help you choose the right accent for your project. We also offer gravel for sale in bulk to help homeowners and professionals personalize their pathway projects and generate the highest level of visual quality. You can combine Bender Boards with our pathway stabilizer for a long-lasting and beautiful path!

Shop Today!

Are you ready to bring your garden project to life? Howell Pathways proudly offers Bender Boards to provide the best level of quality for every satisfied customer. Shop our online store to find all of the products you need to get started, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!


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