Klingstone Paths

Proven Pathway Protection

Residential and commercial customers have achieved the highest level of protection and complete peace of mind for their pathways, driveways, parking lots, and more thanks to Howell Pathways and Klingstone Paths. Our formulated pathway stabilizer is designed to provide durability for the highest levels of traffic while also solving drainage issues. Keep water damage and the wear and tear of foot traffic to a minimum, reducing your maintenance demands while retaining a beautiful shine all year long.

If you’re in need of a high-quality solution to your hardscaping issues, it can help to know that Howell Pathways products are:

  • Water Permeable — Your polyurethane coating may keep water out, which can disrupt the soil and lead to other runoff issues. Our pathway stabilizer is permeable enough to prevent a range of erosion concerns.
  • ADA/Wheelchair Complaint — If your pathway is permeable, it is very likely that it does not conform to ADA requirements. Klingstone Paths has achieved the best of both worlds, offering a permeable surface and ADA/wheelchair-compliance.

Simple Installation in 3 Steps

Not only is Klingstone Paths your best choice for surface stabilization that is both water-permeable and ADA-compliant, but it is also very simple to install. Contractors and DIYers alike can rely on our simple, effective product to create beautiful results in three simple steps:


Lay Your Path

Prepare your surface materials for installation. This often includes the use of a roller or tamper to compact the surface and smooth it out. We recommend dry, clean stone or gravel for the best results.

Pour Your Klingstone Paths

Once your materials are in place, simply pour your Klingstone Paths onto the work area in an even manner and let it set. Most small projects can be completed with a watering can or one of our applicator attachments, designed to work with our 5-gallon containers.


That’s it! Simply wait 24 hours to ensure a complete cure, and you can enjoy the benefits of DIY pathway stabilization. Our product is ideal for driveways, paths, tree beds, nature trails, gravel patios, and more.



A History of Success

In the spring of 1997, our path stabilizer was tasked with protecting the heavily used paths of Colonial Williamsburg. The result was a protective polyurethane sealant offering complete protection from overuse and water runoff. Since then, Howell Pathways and Klingstone Paths have teamed up to be an exclusive seller of this Top Rated® Local pathway stabilizer. We’ve created effective outcomes for Texas A&M, Miami International Airport, Clemson University, and more. Our pathway stabilizer is proven to hold strong against erosion and runoff, and may be perfect for your garden project or driveway!

We Offer Gravel in Bulk

If you’re looking to buy in bulk, Howell Pathways offers our Klingstone Paths in 50-gallon drums, as well as pallets of gravel. If you’re looking to create your own paths, we’re happy to help with the right products! Invest in a versatile gray blend, or add a splash of color with coral gravel. Each pallet includes 56 bags weighing in at 50 pounds apiece, allowing you to cover 280 square feet with at a three inch depth.

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