About Us

With more than 30 years of experience, Howell Pathways has created an environmentally friendly solution to runoff and path breakdown issues. Our gravel stabilizer has been the go-to product chosen to preserve historical sites across the nation. Our polyurethane sealant has recently gained popularity among horticulturalists and home and business owners because of its natural and artistic look, ease of use, and durability. In the Spring of 1997, our path stabilizer was chosen as the material tasked to preserve the structural integrity of the paths in Colonial Williamsburg. Howell Pathways has teamed up with Klingstone Paths to become an exclusive seller and distributor of this trusted product with the best solutions for supplying and completing your projects.

Howell Pathways’ gravel stabilizer is intended for quality results with garden walkways, landscaping, historical sites, and more. We now also proudly offer the convenience and eco-friendly beauty of Bender Boards, your landscaping edging that is durable and comprised of 100% recycled materials.

Why Choose Us?

Howell Pathways has designed a long-term solution with a patented product that outperforms all other antiquated and less effective materials. Our team leads the local industry, allowing you to experience superior results at the best rates.

You can choose from a variety of pathway stabilizers and landscape edging, so why go with Howell Pathways? Our products are:

  • Versatile — Protect your pathways, tree wells, gravel driveway, landscaping elements, and more. Our gravel stabilizer is ideal for use across multiple applications.
  • Convenient — DIY pathways have never been easier! Our products are simple to use and easy to install, allowing homeowners and property managers alike to generate amazing results
  • Durable — You can expect high-quality protection from runoff and erosion for years, as our Klingstone Paths products are built to last. Looking for a long-term solution for your landscape edging or property fencing? Bender Boards are built with 25-year UV inhibitors!