Landscaping Projects

Homeowners, horticulturists, and entrepreneurs have all come to rely on the proven quality behind Howell Pathways for all of their landscaping projects. Since combining with Klingstone Paths, our company has worked diligently to provide ideal solutions for professionals and DIYers alike.

Designed to create an effective solution for water runoff and path breakdown problems, our patented polyurethane gravel stabilizer delivers an ideal hold for your pathway materials while remaining water permeable. Howell Pathways is known for its quality and versatility, being the only material that is both permeable and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for a safe, secure path for wheelchair use. No other pathway stabilizer provides the same level of convenience or quality for your landscaping projects!

Simple Installation

The process of installing a polyurethane binder on your landscaping material is easy! Howell Pathways offers the simplest and most effective gravel stabilizer on the market, enabling homeowners to create beautiful results without any stress or uncertainty. Check to ensure that your work area is dry and your materials are clean, then you’ll be finished in three easy steps:

Lay your path — Lay down the material you’d wish to use for your surface. We recommend gravel and stone for the best results. Put down the material and make sure it is leveled out!
Pour the Klingstone Paths material — Spray our gravel stabilizer using a simple watering can or a pump. Be sure to evenly coat the surface to improve the beauty and longevity of your path.
Enjoy — That’s it! Once you are done installing your pathway stabilizer, simply wait 24 hours for a complete cure, and you’re all set.

Versatile Applications

Are you hoping for a simple gravel binder to keep your garden path intact after heavy rains, or do you require protection from heavy foot traffic for a historical site? No matter the need, Howell Pathways is here to get the job done!

Our product has generated beautiful results for dog kennels, greenhouses, nature trails, parking lots, universities, and more. Wherever protection is needed to keep your paths safe, Howell Pathways is here to generate an ideal result.

Proven Protection

Whether you’re in charge of maintaining a property or you wish to make the most of your landscaping, it’s important to take the proper steps to keep your pathways intact. Rainwater and subsequent runoff can disrupt the beauty and stability of your path, and may even begin to wash it away over time! The same problem is true of heavy foot traffic, where continual footfalls begin to wear down the top surface of your path. These two issues are inevitable, which is why many professionals reach out to Howell Pathways for assistance!

Klingstone Paths is the perfect gravel stabilizer for nearly any application, and it can deliver proven protection. Our pathway stabilizer has been used in high-traffic areas such as Miami International Airport and Kyle Field at Texas A&M. In both cases, our gravel stabilizer was used to secure loose materials and create an ideal seal to keep moisture away. After years in the sun, our materials are still effective and beautiful!

Environmentally Friendly

Howell Pathways products cures to an inert substance, ensuring that you can rest easy in knowing your pathway is green and eco-friendly. Our gravel stabilizer will not leach into the surrounding environment, instead creating water runoff that is clean and clear. The installation process does not require caustic chemicals or heavy machinery, providing additional environmental benefits. Customers love the results of their kennel floors, as our stabilizer is pet-safe. You can combine this polyurethane sealant with our 100% recycled edging material for a very eco-friendly outcome!

Create Professional Results With Bender Board!

Composed of 100% recycled plastic, Bender Board is here to serve as your landscape edging for any project! Howell Pathways is proud to offer this plastic edging material as a top-notch solution for a variety of projects. You can rely on Bender Boards for fast, simple, and beautiful results that anyone can create!

Formable, lightweight, and comprised of recycled materials, Bender Board is here to create a dynamic outcome for all of your landscaping projects!

Simple DIY Landscape Edging

If the time has come to improve your landscape, it can help to start with the edging. This material defines your outdoor space and creates amazing visual improvements in combination with other improvements. Bender Boards are smooth, pliable, and very easy to install. Plus, they help to clarify the dimensions of your space and reduce tripping concerns.

From professional landscaping services to DIY landscape edging, Bender Board can provide a high-quality outcome! You can use this material to edge your pathways or landscape elements in three simple steps:

  1. Dig into the ground to expose a little of the landscape edging. ¾ of an inch is recommended for the clearance of your Bender Boards above ground to help reduce thermal expansion.
  2. Secure two boards through the slip joints. Deploy stakes on opposing sides for stability and to help with the curving process.
  3. Provide a gap between the joints. To account for temperature changes, a small gap will be needed for optimal movement. The slip joint will provide support and allow for seasonal movement.

Versatile Edging Applications

While Bender Boards is the perfect addition to your gravel stabilizer from Klingstone Paths, it’s important to know that you can use this premier landscape edging material for a variety of applications. 

Choose from 1” x 6” edging boards or 1” x 4” boards in 20-foot spans. The versatility and durability of Bender Boards makes them the ideal edging material for:

  • Landscape edging — As we have pointed out, you can transform your outdoor space with our polyurethane binder and recycled plastic edging. Bender Board is designed to be installed with ease, featuring beautiful curves and rugged materials to keep your landscape improvements safe for the long haul.
  • Artificial turf edging — If you’ve been struggling with straightening your artificial grass, Bender Board provides an ideal solution. Rely on our plastic lawn edging to create free-form or straight line perimeters to keep your turf in place.
  • Concrete forming — Straight-edged concrete surfaces are so last week! Our edging material can also be used in concrete forming, providing an ideal material for pouring beautiful patios, pool decks, and more. Remember that Bender Boards are easy to wash and reusable, 
  • Fencing applications — The 1” x 6” Bender Board is pre-drilled and slotted for self-tapping screws, providing serious stability for your fence needs. Create a durable, privacy-giving fence with Bender Board, and rest easy knowing that your new fence is safe with 25-year UV inhibitors!

Combine Klingstone Paths and Bender Boards for a Quality Finish!

Howell Pathways is here to provide the equipment and landscaping materials needed to create a high-quality garden path, improve an existing pathway, or deliver ideal support for a variety of other projects. You can rely on Klingstone Paths as a gravel stabilizer to create a cohesive surface for your pathway and reinforce the edges with landscape edging from Bender Boards. Combined, these two products can deliver unmatched protection and beauty. Keep your greenhouse flooring safe, slip-free, and contained, or create a rugged tree well complete with polyurethane sealants to generate the best defense for places that experience heavy foot traffic. No matter the project, Bender Boards and Klingstone Paths are the perfect materials for the job!

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