4 Ways to Use Bender Board To Upgrade Your Landscape

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Bender Board is a unique landscaping product that can be used for a variety of projects. This plastic edging is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, will not decompose or rot, and is insect-proof! If you are looking for a unique way to upgrade your landscaping, Bender Board is a great option. At Howell Pathways, we offer a variety of Bender Board products. Learn more about how to use Bender Board to enhance your landscape and shop now!


flower bed built with a bender board

Flower Bed Borders

If you want to add unique and beautiful flower beds to your landscaping, Bender Board can help! You can create stunning flower bed borders in unique, curved shapes that give your yard a more eye-catching style. Bender Board makes it easy to create flower beds and can be used to add different levels of flower beds. If you want to create a flower bed with curved edges and a clean, elegant look, Bender Board is a great option. Bender Board also will not rot or decompose, which makes it a perfect choice for flower beds that constantly need to be watered.

landscape edging using bender board

Landscape Edging

Adding edging to your landscaping not only keeps it neat and clean, but it also offers a beautiful look that you will love. Edging can help keep your grass, rocks, mulch, and flower beds separated, creating clean lines throughout your landscaping. Bender Board is a great option to use for landscape edging since it can be curved to fit the unique style of your yard. It is easy to give your landscaping a clean, neat, and elegant look with this unique edging material.

fencing using bender board



Fencing is a simple and common addition to residential landscaping. Not only can fencing provide you with some privacy in your yard and give your outdoor space a cozy feel, but it can also be used to add style. There are a few very common fence styles that you see throughout neighborhoods, but your fence doesn’t have to be boring! With Bender Board, you can create a uniquely styled fence with a wave-like pattern. If you want to give your landscape a more unique look, a Bender Board fence is a great choice.

Concrete Forming using a bender board


Concrete Forming

Whether you are adding a concrete patio or a concrete walkway to your landscaping, make it interesting with Bender Board! Bender Board can provide you with a great way to form your concrete and add some unique styles. Add some curves in your walkway, make your patio a unique shape — Bender Board makes it simple!


Bender Board is a great landscaping tool that can be used for a variety of things including edging, concrete forming, tree wells, patios, raised garden paths, and many other yard features. If you want to give your yard a more eye-catching and unique look, be sure to order your Bender Board from Howell Pathways today!

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