4 Ways To Use Bender Board To Upgrade Your Landscape

With Bender Board landscaping you can create neat borders around flower beds, create accent paths, edge slopes, and retaining walls, and enhance privacy in your landscape. The aesthetic appeal of Bender Board landscaping makes it an attractive choice for homeowners looking to enhance their landscape design. 

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garden edging with a curvy board

Create Garden Borders

Bender Board edging is perfect for creating a neat and defined border around flower beds, trees, and shrubs. For best results, use Bender Board edging to separate different types of plants and keep the soil from spilling out onto pathways or walkways. 

a curved path running through garden space

Create Accent Paths

Bender Board edging is ideal for creating accent paths in your landscape. The edging can be installed around curves or winding paths and provides a subtle contrast to the landscape that is visually appealing. This type of edging can also be used to create raised pathways or stepping stones, adding an extra level of detail that can really make your landscape stand out.

edged gardens on a sloping property

Edge Slopes and Retaining Walls

Bender Board landscaping is also perfect for creating a neat edge around slopes or retaining walls. On top of that, you can prevent soil erosion by helping the landscape to retain its shape and prevent soil loss. Bender Board is also ideal for helping to maintain the integrity of retaining walls and other landscape features.

a bended board fence in a backyard

Enhance Privacy

Beyond edging, Bender Board can be used to create a barrier between you and your neighbors, providing privacy while still adding aesthetic appeal to your landscape design. The edging is perfect for maintaining landscape boundaries and creating an attractive landscape border!

Plan Your Bender Board Landscaping Project Today!

Bender Board edging is a great way to upgrade your landscape design. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make your landscape more beautiful, you should look into Bender Board landscaping. Contact us at Howell Pathways in Houston today to learn more about Bender Board landscaping!

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