Bender Board For Different Grasses

When it comes to creating the perfect space in your backyard, finding the right materials to fit your budget, style, needs, and the other elements in your yard is key! At Howell Pathways, we’re here to help homeowners like you find the right materials and styles for the yard of your dreams. Our Bender Board products are a great choice for bordering pathways, plant beds, and so much more, but they’re perfect for bordering lawns. However, there are different sizes of Bender Board to choose from to ensure that you have a great-looking lawn! Keep reading to learn more about matching the right board to your grass!

Height is Key

When you’re choosing a border for your paths and your lawn, it’s important to take into consideration the height of your border and the style you’re going for. The height of the boards you use and your border can make a big difference in accessibility, aesthetics, and the overall outcome of your lawn and pathway. 

Lower Grasses and Groundcovers

If you have a lawn that’s made up of shorter grasses like turf or other low-growing groundcovers, a shorter border will seamlessly blend in with the look of your yard and make your lawn look even better! Choose 1x4 Bender Boards for this style of lawn or grass border to create a cohesive, easily accessible grass area!

Taller Grasses and Beds

On the other hand, if your yard is made up of taller grasses like Bermuda Grass or you have plant and flower beds to border with your Bender Boards, a 1x6 option is going to be the better choice for your outdoor space! This size will provide extra stability, better height, and more containment for your natural areas to create a beautifully landscaped look.

Bender Boards Are Your Premier Choice

Bender Board offers endless options for creating the outdoor space of your dreams with borders, edging, retaining walls, and other hardscape styles with ease! Made from high-quality, recycled materials and designed to last, these boards are your premier choice for your landscaping needs. 

Get started with your Bender Board purchase from Howell Pathways online today or contact us to learn more and discuss wholesale orders!

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