Essential Steps To Start Redoing Your Backyard

Essential Steps To Start Redoing Your Backyard Infographic

Redoing your backyard can be a massive undertaking. However, if you stick it through to the end, the result is often a backyard oasis that will raise your property value, increase the usability of your yard, and enhance your time outside. Here are some tips from Howell Pathways that can help guide your backyard renovation.

a backyard patio

Build a Patio

A spacious patio is a great way to turn your backyard into the lively hub of your home. A backyard patio creates the perfect platform for an outdoor kitchen, a cozy fire pit, or even a hot tub! If you’re looking to install a concrete patio, our Bender Board is the premier landscape edging material for concrete forming, patio siding, flower bed edging, and more! Order yours today!

a colorful fall garden

Plant With Every Season in Mind

If you want to liven up your backyard space, there’s no better option than planting an assortment of beautiful greenery around your yard. Before you grab your shovel and start digging holes, though, you should plan out your plant selection with all four seasons in mind. You’ll want plants that suit the climate and are hearty enough to withstand the forces of nature year-round. To finish your flower beds cleanly, Bender Board will provide a crisp border every time!

a water feature in a yard

Integrate Moving Water

Fountains, ponds, and streams are stunning ways to elevate the aesthetic of your yard. The sights and sounds of flowing water are simultaneously dynamic and soothing, a fact that makes water a great addition to backyard retreats and outdoor party spots alike. To highlight your yard’s water feature and improve its accessibility, consider building a custom path around it.

a garden path

Create a Garden Path

Garden paths are extremely versatile, and Howell Pathways is an industry leader when it comes to providing products for installing them. Whether you want a direct path from the grill to the pool, or a wandering walkway around your garden, our Klingstone Paths and Bender Board products combine to give you an outstanding outdoor asset.

If you’re planning on redoing your backyard, we can help you get started on the right path. Shop our products or contact us to learn more!

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