What You Need To Know About Bender Board Before You Purchase

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Bender Board is a unique landscaping product that can be used for a variety of things, from creating flower bed borders and forming concrete to fencing and landscape edging. While Bender Board is a great landscaping option, there are some things you should know about it before purchasing! At Howell Pathways, we offer Bender Board products. Learn more and start shopping today!


Bender Board Made From 100% Recycled Material

Made From 100% Recycled Material

Bender Board is made of 100% recycled polyethylene plastics recovered from the blue box collection and other sources. This makes Bender Board a “green” landscaping option that you will love and can feel good about. While other landscape materials can be harmful to the environment, Bender Boards can provide you with an extremely useful landscape tool that is better for the planet. If you make eco-friendly choices when you shop, Bender Board is a great choice.

Bender Board used for garden landscaping

Multiple Size and Color Options

Bender Board is available in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing you to find the right style for your home and landscaping. You can get this landscaping tool in black or brown and choose between four inch or six inch width. This gives you the ability to personalize your landscaping a little more. Since Bender Board can be used to create curves and rounded edges in your landscaping, it is a great option for customized looks.

Bender board used for backyard landscaping

Decompose, Rot, and Insect-Proof

Bender Board is a long-lasting product that is durable. This product will not decompose or rot, which makes it a great option for different landscaping elements, including flower beds, lawn edging, and more. It is also insect-proof, allowing you to not have to worry about it getting destroyed by invasive bugs. And to top it all off, Bender Board is also resistant to splintering and breakage. This is a durable landscape product that you will not have to maintain or replace often.

Bender board used for backyard pavement

UV Protection

Bender Board is also made with quality UV inhibitors that protect it and keep it lasting for years. Sunlight can be damaging to different landscape elements, which can make it look worn out quickly and may need replacement often. But Bender Board will not break down from sunlight! The UV protection will keep it looking beautiful and new for longer.

Understanding the difference between Bender Board and other products is important before you decide to make a purchase. There are many benefits to Bender Board and a variety of ways to use it in your landscaping. This product requires minimal maintenance and will last longer than other products. Be sure to learn more and shop Howell Pathways today!

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