Common Uses for Bender Board

Landscaping is an important part of any home, and if you want your landscaping to look its best and your home to have the right curb appeal, using the right tools is vital. Luckily, at Howell Pathways we offer the Bender Board! This unique edging product is made with 100% recycled plastic and won't decompose or rot. The best part about it is that it can be used in a variety of different ways. Continue reading below for a few ideas, and explore our website to order your Bender Board today!

raised garden bed path

Raised Garden Paths

Bender Board is an excellent choice for raised garden paths. They are extremely durable and will not rot or decompose over time, which makes them perfect to use in the growing areas of your home! When designing your landscaping, you can buy Bender Board in 20-foot lengths, allowing you to easily cut it to your desired size. Once you've finished your design, you'll be left with a gorgeous raised garden path that can stand the test of time.

landscape edging

Landscape Edging

Using Bender Board for landscape edging is a great idea when you want to add some structure and definition around your landscaping. Bender Board comes in multiple colors, allowing you to create the perfect look that will accentuate your yard flawlessly. Best of all, Bender Board won't rot or decompose over time which makes it an ideal choice for landscape edging projects. Another benefit is that Bender Board is strong and durable, so you can use it to accentuate a wide range of different areas in your yard without worrying about breakage or splintering!

flower bed borders

Flower Bed Borders

Howell Pathway's Bender Board is a great choice for flower bed borders because it will not rot or decompose, which makes Bender Board an ideal material when you want something that can stand the test of time. While your flower beds may look fine on their own, adding Bender Board can accentuate them in a way that makes your garden stand out even more. Using Bender Board can also help you separate different parts of your garden to give it more style.

concrete setting

Concrete Forming

Bender Board is a great choice for concrete forming because Bender Boards are strong and durable while being lightweight, which makes them easy to use. Bender boards can be used in place of wood or metal forms when you want something that will not rot or decompose over time, so it's perfect for outdoor projects where these problems are especially problematic. Bender board also won't warp or splinter, so it's ideal for the concrete forming process.

Ready to Get Started On Your Next Garden Project?

At Howell Pathways, we offer Bender Board for all your landscape edging needs. Bender Boards are 100% recycled plastic, and you can use them to create beautiful raised garden paths, landscape edging, and so much more that will enhance the look of any yard. If you're looking to make your garden and landscaping the star of your home, order your Bender Board from Howell Pathways today!