Save Money On Your DIY Garden Pathway With a Gravel Binder

Howell Pathways is here to help you generate high-quality outcomes for your landscaping without the high cost. Simply put, our gravel stabilizers and landscape edging deliver lasting beauty and support for a variety of outdoor applications, including flower beds, garden pathways, and more. If you’re planning on installing your own gravel pathway this summer, then be sure to keep reading to learn how you can save money and improve the protection of your landscape this summer.

For years, Howell Pathways has been your authorized retailer for Klingstone Paths, as well as our industry-changing Bender Boards. Our products are designed to deliver the highest value and beauty without costing an arm and a leg!

Creating the Base

In order to save a lot of money on your landscape project, you can rely on the veneering process to create a quality finish without the need for full-depth materials. In this video, we highlight the process of laying down very cost-effective rock as a base, then installing a high-value veneer to top things off.

Lay your base of river rock (or any inexpensive gravel material you can find) evenly and roll it in. We utilize between 2.5 and 3 inches of rock here, evenly dispersed across the entirety of the garden path. This rock can be found between $40 and $70 per yard, allowing you to cover a lot of ground for little cost.

Adding the Veneer

Once the base has been laid, you can get to work in laying down your finish rock (we utilized Colorado river rock here). Utilize a metal dust pan or flat shovel to gently place a layer of the rock over the base layer. You can lay one layer of this high-cost rock down to create the right coverage without breaking the bank. When all is said and done, all you will see is this nice veneer, delivering a depth of quality that your family and guests will love for years to come.

Protect Your Investment With Klingstone Paths

This one-step gravel stabilizer from Howell Pathways serves as a polyurethane binder, creating a clear coat of protection to keep your garden pathways protected and intact after years of rainfall and foot traffic.It is also the only product to be both water permeable and ADA-approved! Klingstone Paths has garnered a reputation for versatility and beauty, as our pathway stabilizer has been used on major projects including the labyrinth project in the Gayla Mize Gardens, Texas A&M, Miami International Airport, Clemson University, Colonial Williamsburg, and more.

We’re excited about how easy it is to install Klingstone Paths on your property — It’s as easy as watering your plants! Once your rock and veneer have been placed, simply pour the gravel stabilizer onto the rocks and let it set. You can rely on our applicator wand for smaller projects, or invest in an applicator pump to cover a lot of ground. Pour the Klingstone Paths on, wait, and enjoy your new pathway!

Rely On Bender Boards as Your Eco-Friendly Landscape Edging

You can find a wide range of landscape edging to contain and protect your new garden path. However, no other plastic lawn edging gets the job done like Bender Board! This durable, affordable, UV-resistant landscape edging is composed of 100% recycled plastic, delivering the right look for any project. Choose brown or black to surround your garden paths, tree wells, firepit, patio, and more. Howell Pathways offers this green edging product to homeowners in need of simple DIY landscape edging. Rely on our Bender Board stakes to easily place and bend your landscape border into place. 

Our landscape edging is designed to get the job done. 1” x 6” Bender Boards are also slotted and pre-drilled, perfect for fencing applications. Throw in a box of Bender Board screws from FastCap for the edging, and you’re good to go!

Shop Howell Pathways Today and Save!

With our patented gravel stabilizer and landscape edging, DIYers in Texas and across the country can get to work on creating beautiful and dynamic landscapes. We also offer bulk shipments for larger projects and professionals who need a way to deliver lasting quality and beauty for their landscaping clients. You can pick up 50 gallons of our Klingstone Paths product, as well as a pallet of gray, rainbow, or coral gravel.

If you’re a fan of how our garden path turned out, feel free to contact us for assistance in creating your landscape improvements. We look forward to helping you!