The Advantages of Using Klingstone Paths as Your Pathway Stabilizer



From DIYers to landscaping professionals, more and more people are turning to polyurethane stabilizers to create a natural, durable surface to protect materials such as decomposed granite from erosion, runoff, and degradation from heavy foot traffic. If you’re on this post because you’re looking for a safe, effective way to preserve your pathways, then you’ve come to the right place!

Howell Pathways is your resource for Klingstone Paths, the original gravel binder for keeping pathways, patios, aggregate driveways, and other natural surfaces stable. We’re proud to be the oldest and most reliable provider of beautifully sturdy results, delivering water-permeable results that are also ADA compliant. Keep reading to learn about a few advantages associated with using our gravel stabilizer, and be sure to browse our online store when you’re ready to get your project started!

Lasting Protection

Our formulated pathway stabilizer is ideal for creating the durability you need, whether that consists of a private project or a major thoroughfare. Klingstone Paths provides ideal resistance to foot traffic, resulting in a beautiful shine year after year. As a cured surface, your pathway coating will result in much simpler maintenance, saving you time and energy.

Howell Pathways has assisted enterprises across the country with our gravel stabilizer, including James Madison’s Montpelier home, Miami International Airport, Clemson University, Kyle Field at Texas A&M, and more. After years of use, these locations are still benefiting from the durable protection of Klingstone Paths.

Water Permeable

While it may not seem important at first glance to have a polyurethane coating which allows water to pass through, you’ll be glad you went with Howell Pathways and our gravel binder in the years to come. Many pathway sealants do just that - keep moisture out of the materials. But this water left on top has to go somewhere, and will likely disrupt the surrounding soil and cause new runoff issues. Our Klingstone Paths allows water to penetrate while retaining a consistent surface to minimize erosion concerns.

ADA Compliant

One reason why Klingstone Paths was chosen for use on the walking paths in Colonial Williamsburg (among other historical sites!) was that it met all ADA requirements for pathway access. Our gravel stabilizer is ADA compliant, meaning that you can benefit from lasting results and code compliance for your business. Let us know what your project requires, and our team will be happy to provide more extensive information.

Our gravel binder was made to help conserve water, providing eco-friendly benefits as well. Did you know that Klingstone Paths has also been certified by the Green Building Council for general use? Learn more about our pathway stabilizer to see if it’s the right fit for your project!

Simple Installation

Customers are often surprised by just how simple our installation process can be. You simply need to lay down a base material (2.5- or 3-inch rock provides suitable support!), top with your favorite material for the veneer, pour our formulated gravel binder evenly across the surface, and let it set. Once the material cures, you’re ready to enjoy!

Looking to make your installation even easier? Be sure to pick up an application wand for fast, even outcomes! You can also catch up on our blog post to see how you can save money on your pathway project!

Natural Beauty

One of the big advantages of Klingstone Paths is that it does not alter the appearance of your natural stone. Instead, you’re left with a durable surface designed to last for years, retaining a natural look to enhance the beauty of your landscaping. From residential gardens to international airport pathways, let Howell Pathways help you achieve a beautiful result.

Try a Sample Pack Today

If you’re still not convinced that our gravel binder is the best choice for keeping your pathways, tree wells, natural patios, and other projects safe from harm, then feel free to fill out our contact form and request a free sample. You’ll only need to pay for the shipping!

Howell Pathways is your resource for high-quality pathway solutions and DIY projects everywhere, helping professionals and homeowners achieve lasting beauty and satisfaction. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, and don’t forget to support your garden pathways with our eco-friendly Bender Board landscape edging!