Ways to Enhance Your Landscaping Project Using Howell Pathways Weed Barrier

A plant surrounded by weed barrier

Keeping weeds under control is one of the daily struggles of anyone with a large enough lawn space. Even if your outdoor landscape looks great today, you need continuous efforts to prevent overgrowth and keep everything neat and on point. One of the simple tricks to achieve this is to install a weed barrier by Howell Pathway. Installing a weed barrier provides optimal protection for your lawn and prevents weed growth. Here are some of the ways your landscaping project can be enhanced with a weed barrier.

Prevent Weed Growth 

Laying down a weed barrier is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight off weeds. Weeds will deface your landscape and prevent your lawn plants from growing properly. Installing a weed barrier will keep the weed seeds from germination. Since Howell Pathway weed barrier is breathable, air, water, and some nutrients will still flow down to feed desirable lawn plants. 

Weed Barrier Can Be Installed Under Hardscape

Weed barrier works great under gravel, flagstone, granite, and other hardscaping materials. It can be installed as an underlay for your pavement, driveway, and walkways to prevent weeds from growing underneath them. It also helps to keep the paving materials from sinking into the muddy soil during wet seasons. 

For Planting Trees 

If you want to decorate your landscape with a tree, especially on very weedy land, installing a weed barrier can be beneficial for keeping the weeds down. This will help the tree become established since there will be less competition for nutrients and space. The barrier can be installed in a way that allows the tree to still get sufficient moisture and other nutrients. It can be removed when the tree is large enough to compete with the weeds successfully. 

Erosion Control 

If your landscape is sloppy, heavy rain can wash out your soil and this will adversely affect the appearance of your lawn. Installing a semi-permeable weed barrier will allow just enough moisture to seep through the soil. This will prevent erosion and protect the soil surface from running water. 

Contact Us to Learn More 

These are a few of the effective ways you can enhance the appearance and functionality of your landscape by installing a quality weed barrier from Howell Pathways. Still have more questions about weed barriers? Contact us to learn more about how our landscape cover can enhance your landscaping project.