Weed Barrier 101: How to Use It

Image of mulch being poured over a weed barrier surrounding a tree

Weed control is an essential part of lawn care. However, most people hardly get enough time to dig and pull weeds. There are several methods of weed control that don’t involve you getting down in the dirt, but installing a weed barrier tops the list. Installing a Howell Pathway weed barrier is one of the most popular ways to prevent unwanted weed growth. Here’s all you need to know about this method of weed control. 

What Is a Weed Barrier? 

Also known as landscape fabric, a weed barrier is made from woven fiber material or a solid perforated sheet. It comes in rows of about 3 feet in width and can be between 50 to 200 ft long. The fabric is secured in place with pins and is used to cover your lawn. The main purpose of a weed barrier is to prevent weeds from growing while still allowing water, oxygen, and fertilizer to filter through to your lawn plants. 

Advantages of Weed Barriers

Weed barriers can be installed around trees and shrubs and topped with quality mulch. It can also be installed under hardscaping structures to keep them from settling into the soil. Some other benefits of installing landscape fabric include: 

  • Preventing weeds seeds from sprouting
  • Limiting the need for herbicides and other chemical weed control 
  • Helping with soil moisture retention by reducing the rate of evaporation 
  • Providing erosion control for areas prone to washout 

Drawbacks of Installing Weed Barriers

While weed barriers offer several benefits, it is not a miracle product. You may experience some drawbacks depending on the quality of the fabric and how it is installed. Some of the drawbacks of installing a weed barrier in your garden may include: 

  • Preventing the growth of some garden-friendly microorganisms 
  • Making it difficult for organic mulch to replenish soil nutrients
  • Installing a weed barrier may be expensive

At the end of the day, the pros highly outweigh the cons, and when you shop our weed barriers, you’ll find that we’ve created a product that will make your life much easier by making weeds a thing of the past.

Choosing Professional-Grade Landscape Fabric

When buying weed barriers for your lawn, you should invest in a quality product like Howell Pathways weed barrier. A cheap weed barrier may not last longer than a single season, but a quality product will last for several years. Consider the weight and thickness of the fabric as these are the main determiners of its quality. If you’re uncertain, you should ask a reputable gardening expert for recommendations for your specific project. Also, you should consider your unique gardening needs in order to choose a lawn barrier that best suits your needs. 

Get Quality Landscape Fabric From Howell Pathways 

Most people can’t afford to spend several hours weekly on keeping their landscape free from weeds. But they don’t need to since a properly installed weed barrier can solve this problem once and for all. Consider getting a quality landscape fabric like Howell Pathways weed barrier for your lawn. Contact us now to place an order.