What is a Natural Pathway? Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gravel Stabilizer

Klingstone Paths is a polyurethane stabilizer designed for use in planter beds, gravel driveways, residential pathways, tree wells, and other landscaping elements. Homeowners and contractors can create lasting quality for their natural pathways and more, protecting their surfaces from heavy foot traffic, material degradation, water runoff and washout, and access restrictions.

If you’re not sure whether this gravel binder from Howell Pathways is the right choice for your landscaping plans this season, keep reading for an update to our most frequently asked questions. We know how to create a lasting pathway, and will be happy to help you get the job done right!

What Do I Need to Plan My Project?

While Klingstone Paths is very easy to install for DIYers, it is important to remember that planning and preparation are still required. A few of the top things to consider before starting your project include:

  • Square footage — Calculate the size of your project space to determine how much gravel and pathway stabilizer are needed. One gallon of Klingstone Paths will tend to cover around 12 square feet.
  • Pathway materials — This pathway stabilizer is ideal for small gravel, crushed stone, limestone, decomposed granite, and other similar materials. We recommend testing the material with our gravel binder to ensure an optimal outcome.
  • Slope and grade — Our product is water permeable but resists washout, which is why it pays to check your grade before finishing. Be sure to plan your drainage and runoff!
  • Water plan — Be sure to put your sprinklers on pause while installing and during the curing process. Once Klingstone Paths is ready, you can resume normal activities.

What Is a Natural Pathway?

Your natural pathway is made of natural materials to create a look that appears as if it were untouched by artificial materials. Many professionals opt for this natural approach as it looks great, provides nice results, and can be done in a very cost-effective manner. The one challenge of creating a natural pathway is retaining its performance without artificializing the outcome. Klingstone Paths generates natural-looking gravel pathways that are beautiful, natural, and durable.

Will Klingstone Paths Change the Appearance of My Surface?

While our gravel stabilizer is designed to create a natural appearance, it’s important to remember that Klingstone Paths come in an amber hue. We recommend ordering a sample to use with your pathway material to see how it will look!

Is This Pathway Stabilizer Similar to Concrete?

While Klingstone Paths is designed to provide a more rigid, cohesive surface to retain surface longevity and prevent water runoff, it is not meant to serve as a cementitious binder. Concrete relies on cement and aggregates to cure into a strong, rigid surface. Our product focuses on polyurethane coatings to create a thin, protective layer of protection.

Is it Easy to Install Klingstone Paths?

Yes! You can check out our installation process, which highlights just how simple it is to apply our gravel stabilizer. Simply prepare your materials as directed above, coat the surface with Klingstone Paths, and wait. You’ll notice a quality transformation, and can generate simple repairs later on if needed.

What Tools are Needed to Install Klingstone Paths?

While you can rely on our applicator pump to apply a large amount of our pathway stabilizer, Klingstone Paths can be installed with the simple use of a typical gardening can. The material will begin to dry and create a cohesive surface. Keep in mind, though, that work will likely be needed to prepare your natural surface, which will require tools such as a steel rake, shovel, compactor or hand tamper, gloves, and plastic tarping to protect surrounding surfaces.

Is Klingstone Paths Rated for Commercial Projects?

We designed our gravel stabilizer for approved use across historical sites, sports stadiums, universities, and more. You may be happy to learn that our sealant is approved for use by the Green Building Council as well as city, state, and federal entities on applications such as trails and paths. Klingstone Paths is safe, effective, and long-lasting, ensuring optimal results.

Can Your Product Help Achieve ADA Compliance?

Our product is both water permeable and ADA-compliant, a difficult achievement to reach. You can install our gravel binder on pathways, tree wells, bike paths, parking lots, and more to meet stringent standards

What if I’m Still Not Sure?

If you are on the fence about the power and protection offered by our polyurethane pathway sealer, fill out our form and ask for a sample. Howell Pathways will then send a sample of our gravel binder for you to try free of cost (shipping rates still apply)!

Do I Need Landscape Edging?

One way to help protect your natural pathway and support it beyond the surface layer is to invest in durable, beautiful landscape edging from Howell Pathways. We are proud to offer our Bender Boards, featuring rugged results composed of 100% recycled materials. Bender Boards are designed to be beefier and stronger than the competition, complete with UV inhibitors to help your pathway look great for the long haul.

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