Bender board pallets tied to a bed truck
 Brown bender board pallets on the ground
Black bender board pallets on the ground

Bender Board - 1"x6"x20' - 80 Count - Lift - HDPE Plastic

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Bender boards are the perfect product for landscape companies looking to add some style and functionality to any yard they work on. Whether you need to create a path, patio, fire pit, dog kennel, tree wall, raised garden paths, or garden beds, our bender boards can get the job done with long-lasting quality! 


  • 100% Recycled Plastic is Used in Our Bender Boards
  • Bender Boards Stay Protected from The Sun
  • Landscape Edging 
  • Non-stick Form Board 

Our bender boards are far and away better than any of the competition. With more than double the weight and thickness of competing products, rest assured that these boards will stay in the ground during heavy rain or any weather. Best of all, our boards are made from 100% recycled plastics that would usually make their way into landfills, which can help your company “go green!” 


  • 1"x6"x20' 
  • 90 Count 
  • May Last Up to 25 Years 
  • 10lbs Per Board 


edging using bender board



While Bender Boards are made to be ultra-durable, their composite design does make installation during cold weather a concern. We recommend warming the board up to at least 60 degrees during installation, or the board can snap if bent too much!